Restoring Allworx 6x from backup after system failure.

We had a power surge that damaged the memory card or system and rendered the entire phone system useless.  Luckily, we had the OfficeSafe backup system running.  Allworx shipped a new unit to replace the damaged unit and rather than attempt to restore the older one (which was booting to safe mode) I just unwrapped and used the new one.

The frustrating part of this process is that when in safe mode, the Allworx units will only use the default IP ( for the interface) and there is no way to alter this.  The issue there is, that if your OfficeSafe system resides on any other subnet, other than, the Allworx box will not be able to reach that system to perform a restore.  You cannot edit the network settings and you cannot enter alternative router information.

I ended up having to set the OfficeSafe system (our main server, of course) to the subnet in order to get the safe mode restore to work.  You also have to launch the OfficeSafe Administrative console on that system, go to Options–>Restore and choose the actual restore file you want the Allworx system to use before you tell the Allworx to contact the OfficeSafe PC for restoration.  So in summary:

1.) Get the system that is running the Allworx OfficeSafe software and set it to the same subnet as the Allworx running in safe mode.  In a Windows system, this is as easy as setting the network adapter to with a mask of and leaving all other fields blank.

2.) Connect the Allworx LAN  port directly to the system running OfficeSafe with an ethernet cable.

3.) Reboot the Allworx into safe mode.  Turn off the unit and turn it back on while holding down the power button for a few moments.

4.) Use the PC with OfficeSafe to open the OfficeSafe Admin Console.  Go to “Tools–>Options” and select the type of restore (I used a specific file) and click “OK”.

5.) Go back to the browser and type in and select to restore the allworx system from the OfficeSafe PC (this is the very first option on the left side).  Type in the IP of the PC ( and leave the port as 5001 unless you manually changed that when setting up OfficeSafe.

6.) Proceed with the restore.  You can view the event log in the browser and see it on the PC under “View–>Current Activity” to make sure it is working.

7.) When the restore is complete, select “Reboot into normal mode” and turn off the Allworx.  Set your server/PC back to the original network settings and plug the Allworx back into the network as it was before the failure and power it on.  After a few short moments, you should be back in business.  Reboot phones if necessary.

I also had to go into the “Feature Keys” section of the admin tools to re-download all the feature keys to restore multi-site functionality and a few other things, but that was extremely simple.



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